Manoir de Moncé as a home office?

Of course there is also an internet connection in Moncé. Even if this Internet access is perhaps not as fast as in the metropolitan areas, with up to 8Mbit it is nevertheless so comfortable that most work can be carried out like in the home office. *

In this wonderful environment!

Many of our guests have already used this to bring the peace and quiet in Moncé, work and family together with the protection of seclusion, especially during Corona times.

Take a break?

So if you are thinking of relocating your home office for a while, or are simply looking for a retreat for a break outside of the holiday season, Manoir de Moncé is ideal. We look forward to your inquiry.

You are not familiar with Manoir de Moncé yet? Just have a look around here …

* On request, we can also provide a printer / scanner and a landline telephone.

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