Many people will one day share the dream of owning a holiday home in an amazing area like Perigord. Time passes by, the kids grow up, and suddenly you find yourself realising that time has almost run out to turn this dream into a reality. It seemed coincidence that we stumbled upon this unique property, however I do believe in fate. Moncé wanted to be found, it wanted to be rejuvenated. With every step along the way I feel how these old walls start to breathe again, how it all comes back to life. In return we are able to use our imagination and hard working attitude to realise our ideas, our vision. I feel content and free at this unique place, not far from the typical buzz of the french markets, yet far away from modern civilisation.

– Caroline von Grundherr, December 2015

Back in March 2014, while house hunting in Southern France for the millionth time, fate pointed us towards Moncé. Already on our way home, the local stone mason recommended having a chat to the descendants of the recently deceased owner of Château de Moncé. As soon as we approached Moncé along the oak lined drive and spotted the extensive property with it’s tower to the right, it was love at first sight. The old trees, the view into the valley of the Salembre, the rolling hills covered in forest and the fields, all of these features make this place the retreat we have always longed for: Peaceful, generous open space, the perception of freedom, and all of this combined in a historical building with space for us all.

– Nikolaus von Grundherr, December 2015


Those who know me will know that a large home with garden has always been my dream, with a large kitchen dining area and open fire place. Well, now we ended up with 75 acres of forest, meadows,and fields, four kitchens and six open fire places ;-). For me as a passionate cook, the Perigord is a true paradise. At the surrounding weekly markets, every day in a different nearby village, the tables are packed with delicious goods. Sweet raspberries (Mara de bois are a must), amazing peaches, fresh fish and oysters from the atlantic ocean, goat cheese from the nearby farms, wine from the Bergèrac, and last but not least Pineau, a specialty from Cognac which never makes it across the french border because it is simply too delicious! In our forest there are mushrooms (make sure to time your stay right), walnuts, and chestnuts to be picked. Our apples are perfectly suited for a Tarte Tatin, the pears match the local Cantal cheese perfectly, and the list goes on. As you can tell I have many reasons to rave about this place. Oh and then there are the roses in our gardens, the smell is everywhere as they blossom in various colours three times per year. This place really needs to be shared with like minded people, I hope you love it here as much as I do.

– Andrea Overbeck, December 2015

While being on holiday in the Perigord for the first time a few years back, I was thrown into childhood memories of countryside holidays at my grandparents. Wonderful rolling hills with beautiful, not overdeveloped fields. Meadows and fields which are still allowed to have fruit trees. Forests with small, overgrown trails, small streams and proper rivers. Small roads with the occasional car passing by. Of course civilisation is also creeping up on Perigord, just much slower than elsewhere. We kept coming back, found Moncé a few years later, and the four of us joined in this adventure together of turning an old castle into a holiday home. And to become a part of this landscape in the progress. The restoration of Moncé had to be feasible in regards to it’s new function, while honouring it’s heritage and original character. To combine these two elements has not been an easy task. Practical solutions included installation of modern bathrooms and kitchens, as well as an appropriate swimming pool. Long term tasks included conservation of the old walls and features of Moncé. A stylish and appealing interior was one of the creative challenges. We are confident to have combined the best of both worlds. Please come and see for yourself, we are looking forward to having you.

– Wolfgang Wunderlich, December 2015